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Minecraft is a popular open world adventure/construction computer game. Players can create fantastic buildings, cities and worlds, using various blocks in a three-dimensional environment. Minecraft monsters, such as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Slime, Spiders and Ghasts, are called hostile mobs, but there are also peaceful mobs, such as Chickens, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, and Squid. These never attack and are excellent sources of food, leather, wool, ink and other resources.

Click on the Minecraft coloring-in pictures below for your free printable Minecraft coloring pages. You will find lots more coloring pictures in the top menu. You can buy our popular Minecraft Coloring eBooks - Edition 1 and Edition 2 by clicking on the links or the images below. And be sure to check out our New Free Minecraft Coloring apps for hours of coloring-in fun. You can see many colored in app pictures here.

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Minecraft Coloring eBooks and Apps

Persons who enjoy playing Minecraft are sure to enjoy our Minecraft Coloring eBooks, which have many original, unique pictures to print out and color. Our Minecraft Coloring Apps are quick coloring (instant touch and fill) and are very satisfying and enjoyable for young Minecraft fans. Nine of the 36 pictures are free with the latest Quick Coloring for Kids - Minecraft Edition apps, so you can try before you buy.

Minecraft Biomes and Modes

Minecraft players start in the Overworld, where there are several environments called biomes, which are deserts, mountains, swamp, jungle, forest, iceplains, grassy plains, and oceans. From here you can enter the Nether - a desolate land located out in space and guarded by the Ender Dragon, which is a land of dark and doom. You can play Minecraft alone or with others, in Creative or Survival mode. In Creative Mode, you are safe and can explore the land and build anything you can imagine. In Survival mode you can hunt and mine and defend yourself from the many monsters that appear at night.

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