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Minecraft Cow and Mooshroom
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Free Printable Minecraft Cow and Mooshroom Pictures to color

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Minecraft Cow

Cows are passive mobs, with black/brown skin and white spots and horns on their heads. They are found in the Overworld, in herds of 4 to 10, and are a good source of beef, leather and milk. If you are holding wheat, cows will follow, but otherwise they walk slowly around, mooing, in no particular direction.

Minecraft Mooshroom

Minecraft Mooshrooms are only found in the Overworld Mushroom biome, in herds of four to eight. They look like cows, with the same white spots and black eyes, but they have red skin, with red mushroom-like growths. If you cut off their mushrooms, these creatures will turn into cows.

When they are killed, Mooshrooms are an excellent source of beef and leather. If you milk a Mooshroom using a bucket, you will obtain milk, but milking with an empty bowl produces mushroom stew.

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