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Minecraft Creeper Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Printable Minecraft Creeper Pictures to Color

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Minecraft Creeper

Minecraft Creepers are hostile mobs that look for players to ambush. These very destructive creatures sneak up behind you during the day and will detonate at short range, to try to hurt or kill you. They have are about the same height as a player, have no arms and hands, but do have four short legs. Their skin is green and pixelated, and they have a sad expression. Creepers spawn at night in the Overworld, in places with a light level below seven.

Creeper Fighting Strategy

A Creeper will follow a player until they are close enough to explode and hurt the player - usually about 2 or three block away. Your only warning will be the crunchy sound when it walks and a hissing sound before it explodes, so take care when wandering around at night. If you are quick, you can use your sword and back away quickly, but the best way to eliminate it altogether is with a bow and three arrows.

Creeper Fun Facts

These creatures will run away if an ocelot or cat moves into their territory. TNT is more powerful than a Creeper explosion, unless it is charged by lightning. Then it is much more powerful than TNT. Creepers can survive in sunlight and in water, although it moves more slowly in water. Wolves are frightened of Creepers and will stay away until the Creeper has been killed.

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