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Minecraft Ender Dragon Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Printable Minecraft Ender Dragon Pictures to Color

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The Minecraft Ender Dragon

The Minecraft Ender Dragon is the second-largest boss mob in the game. It is a large, scaly, black dragon with grey wings and glowing purple eyes that you can see in the dark (similar to Spiders and Endermen). The Ender Dragon spawns once in the End, and can only be beaten by using a definite strategy. Enchanted armor provides more protection and enchanted weapons are more powerful against the the Ender Dragon and Endermen.

How to kill the Ender Dragon

Once you enter the End, first destroy all the Ender Crystals you can find, since these crystal will heal the Ender Dragon. They are found on top of the Obsidian Towers, and are best destroyed with a bow and arrows, since they explode when hit. Keep an eye out for Endermen, because they can attack and hurt you too. Be sure to take some friends along to help, and move around a lot to confuse the Ender Dragon and the Endermen. It is very difficult for them to attack a moving target.

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