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Minecraft Gangnam-style

The Gangnam Style videos are popular with many Minecraft fans, who have produced lots of YouTube parodies in Minecraft style, with Minecraft characters. The song was released in July 2012, and by December 2012, it was the first YouTube video to be viewed over 1.9 billion times!

About Gangnam-style

Gangnam Style is a song and dance routine produced by the rapper musician, Psy, from South Korea. The residents of Gangnam, a district of Seoul in South Korea, are hip and trendy. According to Psy, the lyrics of Gangnam Style are poking fun at people who are trying hard to imitate this lifestyle and are putting on airs, but are not really making the grade. His Gangnam Style dance moves include pretending to ride a horse, spinning a lasso, and a side-stepping gallop.

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