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Minecraft Pig and Sheep
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Free Printable Minecraft Pig and Sheep Pictures to Color

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Minecraft Pigs

A Minecraft Pig is pink, with black and white eyes, a short tail, a snout and ears. They are passive mobs that roam in the Overworld in small groups. Pigs will provide 1 to 3 cooked pork chops, when killed by fire, so are an excellent source of renewable food. You can ride a pig by right-clicking on it, while holding a saddle. When a Minecraft Pig is struck by lightning, it transforms into a Zombie Pigman, though this happens rarely.

Minecraft Sheep

Sheep are passive land mobs that are mostly white, but sometimes they naturally spawn (in groups of 2 to 8) with white, grey, black, brown or pink wool (rarely) that can be changed to different colours by applying a unit of dye directly to the sheep. They have tan skin and pink lips and regrow wool by a eating grass blocks. To obtain wool from sheep, you can either kill or shear them. Sheep wander around aimlessly in flocks, bleating every now and then, and will try to jump over any obstacle.

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