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Minecraft Squid and Spider
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Free Printable Minecraft Squid and Spider Pictures to Color

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Minecraft Squid

The Minecraft Squid has eight tentacles, teeth underneath its head, and a blueish skin. This creature is not hostile, even when attacked. Squid move by opening and closing their tentacles and will swim upstream against a current. Under water, they gather near light (use a Redstone lamp, glowstones or Jack-O-Lanterns), but cannot move on land, even though they stay alive. The squid is an excellent source of dye. When a squid is killed, it can drop 1 to 3 ink sacs, which can be used to dye wool.

Minecraft Spider

A Minecraft Spider has glowing red eyes (which can see through solid objects), eight long legs, and a brownish-gray skin and makes a distinctive hissing sound. These spiders can climb walls and cover 2 to 3 blocks in a single leap. Spiders are the main source of string, which is needed for fishing rods and bows.

If the light level is above nine, the spider is usually a neutral mob, unless attacked. But when the light level is lower, it becomes hostile. They can pounce and move quickly, so be sure to carry a sword for protection.

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