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Minecraft Steve Coloring Pages for Kids

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Minecraft Steve - Who is he?

The characters that you can control in Minecraft are known as Steve (male skin) and Alex (female skin). If you do not use a customized skin, these default player skins will be assigned to you, based on the information provided in your account ID. Steve has blue eyes, brown hair, darkish skin, a nose and mouth, and thick arms and legs. He wears a light blue shirt, dark blue jeans, and has gray shoes. Alex has dark green eyes, long orange hair, pale skin and wears a light green shirt with a dark green belt, brown pants and gray boots. These skins can be changed.

Minecraft Skins

To change your character’s skin, go to the preferences page of Minecraft.net or in the Pocket Edition, open Settings from the Main Menu, click on the skin settings, and customize your skin.

Your Minecraft Player Name

Your name can be seen in a nameplate above your player’s head. The name that appears is the username you chose when you bought the game, but it is possible to change the username once every 30 days, or if you have the Minecraft Pocket Edition, there is no limit to the times you can change your name.

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