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Minecraft Villager and Chicken
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Free Printable Minecraft Villager and Chicken Pictures to Color

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Minecraft Villager

Minecraft Villagers are Non-Player Characters that spawn in villages. They have green eyes, one long eyebrow, a bald head and a long nose. Their arms are folded in front, with their hands tucked into their sleeves. All Villagers have brown clothing under their robes and you can tell the profession of a Villager by the color of the robe. Professions include farmers, butchers, priests, blacksmiths and librarians.

Minecraft Chicken

Minecraft Chickens are passive mobs that provide feathers, raw and cooked chicken, and eggs. They have white feathers and wings, yellow beaks, red wattles and webbed feet. They can flap their wings and usually wander around aimlessly, but will follow a player holding wheat. Chickens will provide you with a renewable source of feathers, raw and cooked chicken and eggs.

Chicks are spawned by feeding two chickens wheat seed. Chicks are the third smallest mobs and will follow the nearest adult chicken. They look like adult chickens, but have an oversized head.

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