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Minecraft Wolf Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Printable Minecraft Wolf Pictures to Color

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Minecraft Wolves and Dogs

The Minecraft Wolf is a tameable mob, with white fur, and black and white eyes. It will not usually attack the player and can be tamed by feeding with bones (the wolf then has a red collar and can be put on a leash). Wolves are usually called Dogs when they are tamed. Wolves and Dogs shake themselves dry if they get wet, and can be damaged by falling, suffocation, drowning, and contact with cacti, lava or attacking hostile mobs.

Minecraft Wolf Behavior

If you attack a wolf, however, it becomes hostile. Its eyes change to a red colour, its hair has a bristling look, and it growls. The creature stays hostile until it is killed or the player leaves the game, then reenters. Wild wolves will attack sheep, rabbits and skeleton, but tamed wolves will only attack mobs that are attacking its owner. Wolves can be spawned with a wolf spawn egg in Creative mode.

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