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Minecraft World Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Printable Minecraft World Pictures to Color

Click on the Minecraft coloring pictures below for free printable coloring pages. There are lots more in the top menu. To buy our popular Minecraft Coloring eBooks, with all new pictures, click on the Coloring eBook images. And be sure to check out our Minecraft Coloring Apps for hours of coloring-in fun.

Minecraft Worlds

There are three worlds that can be explored in Minecraft. The player begins in the Overworld, which is very similar to earth, with 'biomes' such as Desert, Jungle, Swamp, Forest, Tundra, Savana, and the Extreme Hills. A portal to the Nether can be created by making an Obsidian door frame and then lighting the inside with a fire charge. The Nether is an exciting, dangerous, randomly generated place, which has its own special monsters. The third world, the End is also reached through a portal created by a complicated process. This dark, gloomy, dangerous world is inhabited by the Ender Dragon and many Endermen.

Minecraft Cities

To begin building a city, start in creative mode, with some seeds and flat land. Build yourself a house using bricks, stone, cobblestone, wood planks and iron, then make some furniture and do some decorating. Build more houses and shops and roads to complete your city. You can build underwater, on land with canals, or you can build your metropolis in the sky with glass for the streets and white ground, to look like clouds. Get around with roads, railways, subways and even airports.

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