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Minecraft Zombie Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Printable Minecraft Zombie Pictures to Color

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Minecraft Zombies

A Zombie is a hostile Mob that has green skin, black eye sockets. Its clothing is usually a blue shirt and purple pants. A rarer form, called a Zombie Villager, has the body of a Zombie and the head of a Villager. Five percent of all spawned Zombies are this type. Zombies are found in most biomes.

Zombie Facts

They are even more dangerous in caves, where they can suddenly appear from dark places, moaning and gurgling when they attack. These creatures spawn in low light (in groups of two to six), but will catch fire in sunlight, so they try to stay in the shade of trees and will enter water to keep from being burned. Zombies tend to avoid dangerous items, such as cacti, lava and cliffs.

Zombie Defence

Zombies are one of the least dangerous hostile mobs and are relatively easy to defeat, being quite slow, unless it has spawned with armour, which make it more difficult to overcome. A Zombie can be defeated with any weapon, but they quickly call for help, so you may have to defend yourself against many zombies. A good idea is to always deal with a zombie as soon as possible.

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