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Minecraft Wolves|Ocelot Coloring-in Pages

Wolves are neutral Mobs, with white fur, and black and white eyes. They will not usually attack the player and can be tamed by feeding with bones (the wolf then has a red collar and can be put on a leash). If you attack a wolf, it becomes hostile and its eyes change to a red colour, its hair has a bristling look, and they growl. The creature stays hostile until it is killed or the player dies and respawns. Wolves can be damaged by falling, suffocation, drowning, and contact with cacti, lava or attacking hostile mobs. Wolves can be spawned with a wolf spawn egg in Creative mode.

Ocelots are passive mobs that have yellow fur with brown and black spots, a curved tail, green eyes and a grey nose. Once they are tamed by feeding with raw fish, their fur changes to Siamese, tuxedo or tabby. The Ocelots/cats will not attack a player, but will sometimes sneak up on chickens, and pounce on and kill them. Ocelots normally spawn in Jungle biomes. Creepers are very afraid of Ocelots/cats, so you can protect your house from Creepers by taming several of them and making them sit close to your house. By holding a fish and right clicking on two cats, you can create a kitten.

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